We are not your run of the mill branding, marketing and strategy organization. We are a Baby Boomer Focused creative and producing group creating content and conversations built to engage our client partners with their audience. We do this by creating the best content on the strongest messaging foundation with a diversity in the media delivery formats. We apply robust optimization and share across the most popular or relevant media platforms.

PLATFORM COMMUNICATIONSThis allows for the highest level of exposure, endurance, engagement and conversions by using the marketing and promoting methods that aThe end result is advertised, marketed and promoted content that feels more like a conversation than a sell. This type of respect to the market will draw the interest and conversions.llow your audience not to feel marketed or promoted to.

With services ranging from branding the content to the branding of your business, From creating the conversations to creating a multi media conversation platform – planning phases to execution phases, the David Yakir Group has the experience, the team and the knowledge that was successful in the past and has moved, grown and adapted with the changes in the industry of today. We welcome your expertise and experiences as a client.

We will assist you and support you in applying yours and our knowledge, skills, creativity and vision, to get your message to your publics.