IHeart Radio’s “Yak About Today” Dedicated to the “4664” Boomer Population

Yak About Today & the Baby Boomer The Yak About Today  broadcasts deliver on air and online conversations, interviews and stories engaging the Baby Boomer Generation and beyond with discussions, tips and information. Technology, Sharing  medical, health and fitness are its core. Hosted by an authentic conversationalist, intuitive listener and a boomer himself, David Yakir brings a genuine, down to earth and disarming personality that talks with his audience and his guests with out talking at them. David shares Engagement, Education, Enjoyment & Empowerment on air and online for the Baby Boomer Generation delivered with humor, wit and thought.Yak About Today brings stories, interviews, ideas, and common-sense conversations to spark the interest of the generation that has learned they are not old anymore. With the

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Episode 161 “Yak About Today” I’ve Been Thinking About Retirement, This Week In History, And Alexa what are you Listening to?

Episode 161 Yak About Today with David Yakir – “I’ve Been Thinking” Retirement, This Week in History, Martin Luther King Jr. and Hey Alexa what are you listening to.

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Episode 160 Yak About Today gives some ADVICE on Everything and Do you know AARP

You don’t know AARP. The greatest database out there for the wiser and more mature of us. Also, I need some advice. If you need some advice – listen here as the experts have some advice.

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Episode 159 Creating, Working, Thinking (in the Workforce) Gets BETTER when you are One of the Wiser and More Mature of Us?????

I’ve been thinking about age discrimintion in the business community. Why the 55 plus community is finding it hard to either find jobs or stay relevant in their respective businesses. So I went in search of of a person that is one of the wiser and more mature of us to see how he stays a leader in his business community.

So click below and we’ll be speaking to one of the PR legends, John Mallen who will discuss what aging and experience brings to business.

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“Episode 158 Yak About Today – Eclectic Mix” Hawkings, Startup wants your Brain, but you have to Die, George Washington

“Episode 158 Yak About Today – Eclectic Mix” Hawkings, Startup wants your Brain, but you have to Die, George Washington predicts the coming of Donald Trump

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Episode 157 Employment for the Wiser and More Mature of us!

The wiser and mature of us (senior types) may be the group that is part of the fasted growing employment group right now. But there are difficulties and pitfalls. Listen to what we Yak About Today to find out more.

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