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Yak About & the Baby Boomer The Yak About broadcasts deliver on air and online conversations, interviews and stories engaging the Baby Boomer Generation and beyond with discussions, tips and information. Hosted by an authentic conversationalist, intuitive listener and a boomer himself, David Yakir brings a genuine, down to earth and disarming personality that talks with his audience and his guests with out talking at them. David shares Engagement, Education, Enjoyment & Empowerment on air and online for the Baby Boomer Generation delivered with humor, wit and thought.Boomers Yak About: brings stories, interviews, ideas, and common-sense conversations to spark the interest of the generation that has learned they are not old anymore. With the technology of today, the opportunities are endless, the rules of aging

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Shooting the Shit with Wayne; Companies hiring 65+; Are Smart Phones making us Dumber?

Shooting the Shit with Wayne; Companies hiring 65+; Are Smart Phones making us Dumber? COMPANIES ARE HIRING THE OVER 70 CROWD. Of course, there are obvious downsides of the geriatric demographic: They may be luddites, fossilized in their ways, or burnt out or lethargic, and—it’s true—the clock is ticking. But researchers are discovering that some cognitive abilities don’t peak until later in life. A study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology last year measured mental abilities among executive job applicants across the age spectrum. Generally, older executives scored modestly lower than younger ones, with the largest drop-offs for subjects older than 60, which is why positions like air-traffic controllers have a mandatory retirement age of 56. Yet age has a positive correlation with higher

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Republican Healthcare Act 2017 for Seniors? Amazon Fashion! ATT Charges you to PROTECT YOU!

Republican Healthcare Act 2017 for Seniors? Amazon Fashion! ATT Charges you to PROTECT YOU! The Senate bill that guts the Affordable Care Act would increase the number of uninsured Americans by 22 million by 2026, according to the analysis of the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released Monday. Fifteen million more people would be uninsured next year, and the total number of uninsured would swell to 49 million in a decade, the CBO found. Some of the worst effects of the bill, the Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017 (BCRA), would fall upon older, low-income individuals. This is the part that should concern older Americans. “The increase would be disproportionately larger among older people with lower income,” the 49-page CBO analysis said, “particularly people between

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Aging Doesn’t Always come Naturally. Classes are teaching boomers how. And Net Neutrality?

There are classes now being developed around the country that are teaching the boomers how to age. Senior co-housing, and all its complications and rewards, was one of the bigger draws at what amounts to a college on how to age successfully. Its based on the fact that no-one is going to take care of you the way people will that know you.

The four- to eight-week courses, presented by nonprofit organization Iona, were designed especially with baby boomers in mind. Since 2011, a generation that has almost continually reinvented itself also has been hitting retirement age.

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Lies you tell your Doctor; Virtual Reality is Real; Do you self medicate like a chimpanzee? That’s what we Yak About Today

We’d heard that Major League Baseball had virtual reality streaming aspirations, and a partnership with Intel is making them a reality. The two have reached a three-year deal for the Intel True VR Game of the Week, a Tuesday broadcast (blacked out in local markets) that will live stream via Intel’s True VR app. Currently only available via the Oculus store for Samsung Gear VR headsets, it will give fans a look at the game via a fully produced VR broadcast, or the ability to hop around through different viewing locations — captured by 4K resolution cameras — with optional stat overlays.

Airports are where hopes and dreams go to die. But JetBlue thinks that one method of how people typically pass the time could be used to speed up the boarding process. For some passengers, a taken-at-the-gate photo will suffice to get them to their sky-chair. It’s part of a collaboration between the airline and the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) office, Jetblue announced today.

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