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PodGeist’s “Yak About Today” for the 4664’s

The “Yak About Today” broadcasts deliver on-air conversations, interviews and stories engaging the Baby Boomer Generation and beyond with discussions, tips and information. Hosted by authentic conversationalist, intuitive listener and boomer himself, David brings a genuine, down to earth and disarming personality that engages with his audience and his guests without talking at them. Conversations with rich engagement, education, enjoyment & empowerment are delivered with humor, wit and thought. This is the opportunity to connect with people in a generation that is unlike any other.

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189 Yak’s a Pill Popper and Some Crazy Top 10 Lists

Included in today’s podcast are a story about Doctors and their pills. Also Some Top Ten Lists (some as follows) The Influencers Donald Glover Michael B. Jordan Kendrick Lamar Meghan, Duchess of Sussex Chadwick Boseman Pope Francis Beyonce Oprah Wiinfrey Eminem Jordan Peele Robert Mueller Justin Trudeau Angela Merkel Mark

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187 From Quito Ecuador, Marcel Perkins Takes us on a Tour of Peru and Equador

Marcel likes to highlight companies doing a superlative job in Latin America for upscale travelers. Sometimes you may not have heard of these companies because they’re “inbound” tour companies. You contact someone to book a Galapagos tour, for instance, and a company like Latin Trails is the one actually taking care of you on the ground the whole time. We hit up experienced tour planner Marcel Perkins, who is general manager of that company, for advice on traveling in South America.

Yak On!

186 I Always Wanted to be a Fireman – So I went to Melbourne Australia to find Brent Clayton to Show me How

Thanks for listening, I’m David yakir and you know I’ve been thinking about the time when I was young and wanted to be a fireman. It followed me one way or another throughout my life. Those stories later. But now I had a chance to speak to a real fireman albeit from Melbourne Australia and how he’s used his experience to coach others. Warning: For the USA audience, listen carefully – accent coming your way. So that’s what we’ll yak about today.

Yak On!

183 Happiness for All – Maura Sweeney tells us how to get there

Over the years, She come a long way. When she was a youth and a pre-teen, her grandmother called me “Waterworks” because she could cry at the drop of a hat. Growing up, she felt powerless, isolated, restricted and most of all groomed. In my case, the “grooming” was focused on all my outside accomplishments and attributes rather than from a nurturing of my true self.  We’ve all got some kind of outer expectations, parental training and other social messaging that can cause us to go astray from our true self by following what’s outside rather than waiting to bloom from our inner soul. 

Yak On!

181 Doc Glenn Livingston knows how to stop Binge Eating – Now listen and STOP IT!

Glenn Livingston, Ph.D. is a veteran psychologist and was the long time CEO of a multi-million dollar consulting firm which has serviced several Fortune 500 clients in the food industry. You may have seen his (or his company’s)  previous work, theories, and research in major periodicals like The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Sun Times, The Indiana Star Ledger, The NY Daily News, American Demographics, or any of the other major media outlets you see on this page.  You may also have heard him on ABC, WGN, and/or CBS radio, or UPN TV. 

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