Yak About Tech chit chat with the gang

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The last of our hiatus programs as I call them. This week we experimented with Livestream. Interesting! Seems that we got many people checking us out to see what we were up to. This week we will sit down and prepare the process and methodology that we intend to follow moving forward. After video recording the show for two weeks and live streaming.  My guess is that live streaming won’t be initially as important as taking the video and adding video specific how to’s and releasing a show designed more for video.

There was something else that came out of these experiments. Previously, I had prepared the news of the week and studied up on the guests that I was to interview. These last few weeks taught me a great deal about conversation and more importantly how to lead the conversation to make it most beneficial to the audience.  It’s something I’ve been doing in my marketing practice, but not really as a host of a show.  Well. Just a thought.

Yak About Tech still learning? Terrestrial Radio meets Video meets Opportunity

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Sooo! Now that the cost of production has come down to where we can actually produce the video simultaneously with the terrestrial broadcast. (No, we don’t have Howard Stern’s budget), its time to start understanding what we should do with it.  Is it enough to just video the broadcast? The honest answer is NO. Not if this is a vanity play with no purpose. Maybe, if it gives us more distribution outlets or maybe video will help it serve another purpose.

When I was approached to do the broadcast, it was a simple matter of saying yes. Didn’t have to pretty up – no makeup and bathing suit casual was the order of the day. And really, I’m still rebelling over the suit and tie expectations for the non-stop business meetings.

It had to be for a  purpose.  For those of you not in the know, the original story behind the show was that it was not going to be a show about tech, it was geared more to the world of marketing, advertising and the opportunities for small business. Given that production costs (and quality expectations have lowered) and the cost of entry to social media being more affordable, we were going to dedicate ourselves to the new world of marketing where CONTENT & CONVERSATIONS ruled together. We turned our attention to tech when an associate of mine at the Yakir Group reminded me that the audience in the markets we served were not tech savvy and could use some help in understanding the world of tech and digital.  I thought it was a good idea and we turned our attention to enlightening our audience.

The challenge we faced was accomplishing our goals without some kind of visual aids. That is why I asked the producers if we could experiment with video. Sooo! here’s the plan. We held off any of our interviews for a few weeks so we could keep the chat in the studio while we figured out the video tech. We would change the broadcast version of “Yak About Tech” from an hour to a half hour and we would supplement the second half hour with video footage geared for the video based media platforms (The Yak About Tech YouTube channel, Vimeo etc). The second half hour would be filled with demo’s, reviews, how to’s – all with video. We would return with our in-studio interviews first, followed by our Skype or Hangout chats which will be recorded for video release. And the final addition would be live-streaming of the show via UStream, Lifestream, YouTube.

But for now, we are using the time to chat away until we get it right. Our plan is to have the new format ready to go in June when all the pieces come together to create a new “YAK ABOUT TECH.” 

(Look for June, 2015 for a special announcement).

Called Back From Hiatus for the I Heart Radio “Yak About Tech” Great Experiment in Video

So, here I was all set to take my 6 week hiatus from the I Heart Radio “Yak About Tech” series when I get the call. “Was I willing to come in?” It seemed that as a great favor Wayne, my sometime producer, had put in a temporary three camera setup so when we went out via the social networks we can do so in video.  One of the challenges of doing a radio/podcast on tech is that so much has to be seen to be understood.

With one days notice, it was too close to move up some of the future guests and interviews into the space and a little late to make the calls, so we decided to sit in the studio and wing it. We all agreed that we’d call it “The Great Experiment.” It was our way of explaining away the responsibility if it was total chaos.

It was certainly an eye opening experience. Although achieved brilliantly by Howard Stern years ago, the psychology of radio/podcast combined with video is an unusual mix. More than you would think. In radio, your relationship is with the “mic.” In video it is with the viewer.

Anyway, the dilemma here is about production. Having come from the theatre, television and advertising world, production matters or it doesn’t. We shot this as is. I was kind of embarrassed by everything from the way I was slouching to the difference in seating heights. It was an experiment after all, but my inner sense told me I needed “Tonight Show” production quality. My younger friends say that ruins it. What do you think.