Summer Show’s and the Great Experiment Continues – Introducing Mike Wieger

mqdefaultIt is not often that the media takes it listeners and now viewers on the journey of reinvention with them. We’ve been doing that now for about three weeks. We’ve reduced the hour show to 1/2 hour while the studio undergoes its summer long renovation into a modern day video studio. We’ve had our ups and downs with producing the show. Adding the video equipment and the corresponding tech and still meeting I Heart Radio standards has been more challenging than we thought it would be. Wayne, our engineer is now spending nearly 20 hours a day in the padded room – (not prison or a place for mental disability, but the studio). Not withstanding our bandwidth issues, we did manage to get a video out, albeit with only 400×270 resolution. The sound quality, always perfection, should soon be matched by the video. When all is done, we will stream live and in high def through, Youtube and for those watching a more traditional form of media, it will be syndicated.

I can’t wait for the new season to start in the fall. We will have totally reinvented “Yak About Tech”. Which now brings me to the introduction of Mike Wieger. My plan was to wait for the fall to introduce a new partner for the show, but really couldn’t wait that long. Mike is one of the great multi-skilled people, a great tech guy, an engaging Vlogger who manages to fit law school in at the same time. As with the rest of the show, we are just learning how our interaction will work. But for a first time, I couldn’t be happier. He’s going to be a great addition and hopefully play a big role in the new “Yak About Tech”.

22 JUNE 2015 – Smooth Sailing and “POW” video & Livestream go down

landscaping-company-treasure-coast-floridaAnother hot summer day here on the Treasure Coast – working out the kinks of the Video Feed. Thought we had it today, but alas it went down, but didn’t notice it until the end of the broadcast. Think we got it set from here-on in. It’s been great seeing my colleagues on video and much fun watching the veteran radio hosts adjust to the video.

As we are doing 1/2 hour shows for the summer season, we aren’t doing that many interviews. Just chit-chatting with the group about the latest in tech news and stories.

As always we had some Good discussions.

I introduced someone I’m excited to begin working with. His names Mike Wieger. Check him out on YouTube. He’s an up and comer and I’m looking forward to doing the show with him. He’s got a loyal following and i’m sure he’ll be a great addition to “Yak About Tech”. More on that next week.

I’ll keep this short for the summer. Go out and play kids, its the summer.


Chit Chatting with the “Family Crew”


Sooo, as many of you who follow the “Yak About Tech” broadcasts, podcasts, vlog etc., knows, we were going on hiatus for a few summer months. SallyDillonIRCLF_4775485_ver1.0_640_480We were planning to return in the Fall with all new episodes in a new hour plus format. In what I believe is a first, we thought it would be a great deal more fun if we could take our audience on the journey with us. For the summer we brought the broadcast down to a half hour format and have spent the last several weeks (with I Heart Media’s blessing and our audiences participation) re-designing, rewiring and upping our technology game more loyal peeps have watched us live in the studio as we were still wiring and testing. They watched some broadcasts with great success and have seen us trying to play to the mic and the camera in the most natural way. in the studio.

Livestream and Youtube are our chosen destinations, with Livestream providing all the technology to make it possible. So far our

Wayne, the radio station legend spends half his time underneath the desks searching out wires and the other times with tech support from the company’s providing the various technologies. In between getting some sleep, he managed to produce the audio for I Heart Media whilst managing the Livestream video switching platform. AND, he also managed to chat about it on this weeks episode.WayneDillonIRCLF_4775483_ver1.0_640_480

Sally moved from the control panel to the sofa – from producer to guest. And we had a great time.

I usually ask you to follow us or write to us at – twitter: @yakabouttech and or signup at iTunes or TuneIn or wherever you get your podcast from. But, now I need everyone to go to and sign-up. Search for Planet Vero TV and Yakabouttech and follow. This is going to be your new station.

Dietmar Petuschnig of Good Anchorage


A few things here. I’ve told you before that Good Anchorage is doing for the high seas what google has been doing on land. ALERT: I am on the board of advisors of “Good Anchorage”, but only because I support what I believe is going to be one of technologies great accomplishments. So, let me make this easy for you. Good Anchorage is using CROWDSOURCING as a means of identifying and cataloging good anchorages around the globe. The seas are becoming more populated and much of the navigational tools are sometimes as much as a century old. Good Anchorage intends to add to the safety of the Oceans.


On another note. I’ve been chronicallying our adventures in video and live streaming. As many of you know, I’m a big proponent of video for the masses is the future. Getting this right was only one of our goals. Behind the scenes we’ve been playing with methodology and process with an eye on revenue models. This will become the basis of the new company I am backing called EVEN CC. Simply put, this company will provide marketing opportunities to individuals, small businesses and local communities in an unprecedented manner. Through Video and social media, we can bring to life a marketing achievement for smaller businesses and communities that only larger corporations can previously enjoy.

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 11.36.55 AM

YAT speaks with Douglas Bove on Part 1 of Solar Tech and Economics

[youtube width=”640″ height=”480″][/youtube]

Hey everyone. We’re still experimenting with video. Posted a temporary low res version of our broadcast. We are experimenting with Lifestream this week which only allowed for a standard definition feed . I’m in the process of editing in the Skype recording of the conversation which is in an HD format.

But anyway, we had Douglas Bove as our guest. He recently published a paper on Solar Energy which discusses the technology and its economic implications to society. He’s bringing to our attention an interesting point of view. He believes we are coming to the point where we will have to stop the personal subsidy and tax savings on solar for the individual and develop a policy for subsidizing the energy distributers who will be hurt if we all move to solar, battery or other renewables which will take us off the grid.  Hoping to get him back on next week to continue the discussion.

As always you watch or listen to the radio broadcast.