Broadway Chat and Radio Broadcast Only – No video

As we plan for the fall season, we decided to forego the video this week. Gearing up for great tech video’s and a whole bunch more come the September season. I’m glad we decided to broadcast while the studio was undergoing its renovations. Quite an eye opening experience. Where we started and where we are ending are much different than our original plans.

This week we are going to test out our first out of studio video’s. The thinking is that we will video 5 minute plus segments, posted online on a daily basis, we will then use the best of the segments and combine them with the live weekly studio broadcast. I think we are still finding it hard to find that fine line of traditional broadcast with the expectations of digital. If you’ve got any thoughts about that, I’d love to hear them.

Oh, A quick one. Not sure how we ended up talking about Broadway, but we did.  Didn’t get to talk much tech this week.  Oh Just added the Centre logo for promotion sake.

10 August 2015 “YAT” with Kimball Stadler and Tania Ortega-Cowan

Just a note. Can’t tell you how much fun I had today doing the show with Kimball and Tania. These are great ladies. Proud to be working with them. We began the formal introduction of the new company “Centre of Content & Conversation.

The Centre is a business services & marketing organization dedicated to local communities, its businesses and its people.

The Centre has two very specific goals.

• To bring material and high quality content, strategic business initiatives and professional marketing strategies to local business and communities.
• To bring sponsorship and advertising into the local media channels by developing content that is both relevant and engaging – using both the traditional and social media toolsets that service those communities – always resulting in on-going and engaging conversation.

In each of our communities, The Centre is comprised of vetted business strategists, creators and marketers with the knowledge of the local influencers and thought leaders.

Our services must always result in differentiating the people, their businesses, brands and products through our content and strategies. We succeed when we establish our business leaders as thought leaders and their businesses as brand leaders.


03 August 2015 Yak About Tech


Still on summer hiatus, getting to play with all the new video capabilities. Waiting for the fall debut of our shows. In the meantime sit back and listen to us chat about a few things tech. And especially look out for me trying to figure out if I should look at the camera or my notes.