Latest Yak About Tech Broadcast – Apple Event and Binge watching marketing RANT!

Am traveling and crazy these days, but managed to record an episode of YAT. I Went on a bit of a rant on marketing to binge watchers. Really need to flesh this out into a proper article for Adage. Will try to get it done in a few weeks. We are only weeks away from launching the new show for the new season. We will come back with video. But video done right for these “modern” times. So, take a listen to this weeks show and we’ll back soon with bigger and better.

9-11 Blood Drive – Back From the Re-run World With Paxton Ellis – Giving blood at The Brevity


Ok, the week in tech with Paxton Ellis. The push for the 911 blood-drive. ¬†All you YAT fans out there, get yourself over to the Brennity and give some of that life saving blood. It’s an easy way to give back to the community. See ya there.


BRV Blood Drive