“Yak About Tech” is moving on – Coming soon the “Boomers” Yak About! series.

We celebrate our first anniversary with the knowledge that our audience made us one of the most popular tech shows out there. Popular enough that I Heart Radio picked up the show and it can now be accessed 24 hours a day on Iheartradio.com or the I Heart apps for both Android and IOS.


Our guest today is Loren Weisman, author, musician, business consultant, all around guru and advisor. I Heart Radio and I have brought in Loren to begin our amazing transition. As Yak About Tech becomes just one part of the new “Boomer’s” YAK ABOUT: series. Stay tuned as we expand and gear up for a great 2016

19 October “Yak About Tech”


Just a note: You can now listen to Yak About Tech on the I Heart Radio App for Android and IOS 24 hours a day. In Fact, anywhere you look “YAT” is there. ¬†Also, remember, if you have any questions or subjects that you want me to cover on the show – send an email to yakabouttech@gmail.com. Next week we will be back to interviews. We will have as our guest Loren Weisman on set. He is the Managing Partner and co-founder of Leveraging smart. A business & entertainment advisory group.

New plans coming for the new year.