The Albert Schweitzer 2016 Prize for Humanitarianism Winner Ralph Fuccillo Yaks with DavidRalph Fuccillo

Ralph Fuccillo is the president of the Dentaquest Foundation. He is being honored for his role as a leader in public health. Early in his career he worked with vulnerable people as a substance abuse counselor. He later provided extraordinary leadership both locally and nationally in combatting AIDS. Today, he is bringing national attention to the need to improve the oral health of all. The depth and range of RALPH’S leadership and service through his work with organizations like DentaQuest, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation, and the Medical Foundation, Inc. encompasses the essence of Albert Schweitzer and the goals of the Albert Schweitzer Fellowship.

The Albert Schweitzer Prize for Humanitarianism is a prize given to people who made exemplary contributions to humanity and the environment. The goal of the prize is to advance the cause of humanitarianism. The prize was established in 1986 by Albert Toepfer, an international grain merchant from Hamburg, Germany.[1] Previously given under the auspices of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in New York and administered by Johns Hopkins University, it is named after noted humanitarian and physician Albert Schweitzer and is now administered by The Albert Schweitzer Fellowship.[2]

Ralph Fuccillo

Recipients include:

Desmond Tutu (1986)
President Jimmy Carter (1987)
Marian Wright Edelman (1988)
Sister Maria Isolina Ferre Aguayo (1989)
Norman Cousins (1990)
C. Everett Koop (1991)