As we plan for the fall season, we decided to forego the video this week. Gearing up for great tech video’s and a whole bunch more come the September season. I’m glad we decided to broadcast while the studio was undergoing its renovations. Quite an eye opening experience. Where we started and where we are ending are much different than our original plans.

This week we are going to test out our first out of studio video’s. The thinking is that we will video 5 minute plus segments, posted online on a daily basis, we will then use the best of the segments and combine them with the live weekly studio broadcast. I think we are still finding it hard to find that fine line of traditional broadcast with the expectations of digital. If you’ve got any thoughts about that, I’d love to hear them.

Oh, A quick one. Not sure how we ended up talking about Broadway, but we did.  Didn’t get to talk much tech this week.  Oh Just added the Centre logo for promotion sake.