Podcasts are an amazing resources for businesses across all industries. The groups that dedicate themselves to the social impact sector are no different. For those businesses and organizations that take actions and focus on  the well being of the community, Podcasts and Video-casts are now a vital piece of their marketing effort.

From inspiring stories that create awareness of these endeavors to the fundamentals of fundraising, podcasts provide multiple opportunities to get your message out.

Most organizations don’t have as much time as they’d like to keep up with the latest marketing tools and trends that are ever evolving. That is why the David Yakir Group created The Podgeist Network and dedicated itself to the creation and distribution of podcast and video casts.

Social -impact podcasts, whether they be organizations that dedicate themselves to a cause or businesses that can be an important solution and help your publics find inspiration in your cause.

In the on-line broadcast world, our team is composed of some of the leading messaging, creative strategists and producers in the Video and Podcasting Universe.

We pride ourselves on putting together the team that will help you define who you are and produce the message and media that will land you new audiences.Our “Yak About Today” broadcasts deliver on-air conversations, interviews and stories engaging the Baby Boomer Generation and beyond with discussions, tips and information.  Conversations with rich engagement, education, enjoyment & empowerment are delivered with humor, wit and thought. This is the opportunity to connect with people in a generation that is unlike any other.