David Yakir Endorses Corry Westbrook for Congress from Florida’s 8th Congressional District

Corry Westbrook

I’ve only got a few minutes before my next meeting, but I wanted to get this out. I’ll add more when I get some free time.

Its not often they you actually get to sit down and chat with a candidate for Congress.  One that isn’t set on giving you the talking points. Although we only had 20 minutes for the interview, Corry didn’t spend her time communicating the talking points. When the subject was the economy, she took us through a 20 year look at it from an historical perspective. She is one of the most committed people i’ve met (especially on the environment – Indian River Lagoon – People).

In addition you never hear her speak badly of the otherside. I think she believes if the Left and the Right brought more centrist people together, we’d be seeing alot more achievement in the Congress.