A few things here. I’ve told you before that Good Anchorage is doing for the high seas what google has been doing on land. ALERT: I am on the board of advisors of “Good Anchorage”, but only because I support what I believe is going to be one of technologies great accomplishments. So, let me make this easy for you. Good Anchorage is using CROWDSOURCING as a means of identifying and cataloging good anchorages around the globe. The seas are becoming more populated and much of the navigational tools are sometimes as much as a century old. Good Anchorage intends to add to the safety of the Oceans.


On another note. I’ve been chronicallying our adventures in video and live streaming. As many of you know, I’m a big proponent of video for the masses is the future. Getting this right was only one of our goals. Behind the scenes we’ve been playing with methodology and process with an eye on revenue models. This will become the basis of the new company I am backing called EVEN CC. Simply put, this company will provide marketing opportunities to individuals, small businesses and local communities in an unprecedented manner. Through Video and social media, we can bring to life a marketing achievement for smaller businesses and communities that only larger corporations can previously enjoy.

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