You are beginning to think that I have an obsession with this. I do and so should all of you in our community. Net Neutrality is currently the biggest issue which will affect the future of the Net.
FCC revives net neutrality

by Kate Tummarello, thehill.comFebruary 19th 2014 11:22 AM
The Federal Communications Commission on Wednesday said it plans to revive the net-neutrality rules that were overturned in court.

Tom Wheeler, the FCC’s chairman, is taking a series of steps aimed at ensuring that Internet providers treat all traffic the same, the agency said.

The future of the the “open Internet” rules was left in doubt last month after an appeals court overturned them on the grounds that the agency overstepped its authority.
In its ruling, the court said the FCC’s net-neutrality rules treated Internet providers too similarly to the way the agency treats traditional phone companies, which are more heavily regulated.

During a press call Wednesday, a senior agency official said Wheeler will not be attempting to reclassify Internet providers, nor will the FCC appeal the court’s decision.

Instead, Wheeler will start a new process and seek public comment to create rules that keep providers from blocking and slowing access to websites, the official said.

Wheeler will look to the agency’s Data Roaming Order — a set of 2011 rules that requires wireless companies to offer data roaming arrangements to each other on “commercially reasonable terms and conditions” — which a federal court upheld after Verizon Wireless challenged the rules, according to the official.

The FCC will also enhance the net-neutrality rules’ transparency provision, which requires Internet providers to be transparent about how they manage network traffic and was upheld by the federal court earlier this year.

In the meantime, Wheeler will hold Internet providers to the commitments they have made to follow the principles of an open Internet, the official said.


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