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Adapting to Change

  How This Startup Pivoted To Survive by Hollie Slade, May 16 ‘You can’t replicate Seamless or OpenTable OpenTable for another industry,’ says Payal Kadakia, CEO and cofounder of fitness class subscription startup, ClassPass, which pivoted and rebranded this year. “It shouldn’t be such a disaster to find these

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9 minutes a day

Sometimes we hate sharing these little secrets of the trade. Well William Arruda at Forbes decided to share 9 of those little secrets that help us in the industry earn our money. Read on. Why 9 Is The Magic Number For Boosting Your Career By William Arruda, www.forbes.comView OriginalMay 5th,

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Apple Enters Health Space – part II

A share for the Yakir Group’s Health related clients. Apple planning App Store-like health platform for connected medical devices – report by AppleInsider Staff, appleinsider.comMay 5 07:05 AM Apple’s decision to enter the “quantified self” race reportedly will not end with a so-called “iWatch,” as the company is thought to

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Apple’s New Industry: HEALTH

SO, This is for the client-partners in the health care industry. 9to5 Mac is usually very good about these things.  I’m assuming that this is to work in conjunction with the expected iWatch.  If they crack blood sugar testing they will own the space in a matter of a short

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A Basic Primer on Getting the Right Social Media Help

Here’s a primer on what to look for in hiring social media talent by Sharon Florentine. ____________________________________________________________________________________   What to Look for When Hiring Social Media Tech Talent in 2014   by Sharon Florentine, January 7th 2014 CIO — As social media evolves to become a major platform of

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Apple’s Focus on Health

I’m passing this article on to my friends at Self Health. My colleagues and I are convinced that Apple will differentiate itself in the release of the Iphone and OS8 with a focus on Health.  Darrell Etherington at Techcrunch wrote about this a couple of months ago.  Found it, thought

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Starting Your Own Web Business

So, alright! I’m doing it again.  I promised this would be both and original and curated site.  But I seem to be playing regularly to the tech crowd.  But, honestly, now that everyone is turning to the web to create their next big thing, I’m being asked very basic questions

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20 Ways to be AWESOME

I don’t usually publish these things. And this isn’t targeted at my clients and colleagues, but I’m often asked by friends and family if there are some simple rules you should keep in mind when playing in the social space. I thought this was a good and decent primer. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

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The Crowd

The Yakir Group is working with a few start-ups. Two of which are in the crowd-funding or crowd-sourcing space. We advise them appropriately. I thought I’d share this article by Ross Rubin over at Engadget for our clients and for those of you who are looking to play in the

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