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180 Yak About Today Fall Series with Dr. Stephen Lewis – Take your Vitamins for god sake.

Have you ever wondered how your nutrition and the nutritional supplements you take each day affect your overall health? Many doctors, nutritionists, and even fitness trainers recommend taking a multi-vitamin or nutrition supplement to their patients and clients because, in today’s society, most people aren’t getting the vitamins and nutrients they need in their normal daily diet.

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178 Shawn Anderson Walks Around the World to Inspire US! Yak About Today’s Summer Series

Shawn Anderson is a 7-time motivational author, international keynote speaker, and a results-producing people builder. His “go the extra mile” philosophy and ability to produce winning results have been praised by political leaders, Olympic Gold Medal and world record holders, and media outlets around the world. An entrepreneur since the age of 10 when he started a business selling worms to fishermen, Shawn has continued by building businesses and organizing events that make a difference in how people think.  

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177 Yak About Today Summer Series September 3 2018 Get Your Memory Back with Brad Zupp Part Two

As we age, our short term memory goes. Brad, one the worlds great memory athlete has the answers. Why suffer the memory loss when a just a few excersizes a day will help you retain your memory. I usually record one version for Broadcast and let our conversations run on longer on the podcast version. but so many of you have written in that this time i decided to run the second half of our conversation for broadcast.

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176 Yak About Today Summer Series with Memory Athlete Brad Zupp (yes a memory athlete) – Part One of Two

Brad Zupp is a man of many talents. After years of performing with Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, Brad developed successful careers as both a realtor and financial planner. But his real love developed along the way, as what began as an interesting experiment to improve his own memory turned into a passion and, ultimately, participation in the World Memory Championships.

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175 Yak About Today Summer Series with Benjamin Brandt – If you’ve got money, this is the guy to see..

I’ve been getting email by several people saying that i’m only interviewing financial management execs that specialize in folks getting ready for retirement. Benjamin Brandt is a bit different. His Captital Wealth Management Company specializes in those people that have significant savings. So, if you’ve done well and want to do better, listen here.

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171 Yak About Today Summer Series with Saundra Dalton Smith on her new book “Sacred Rest”

Saundras Dalton Smith’s new book is out entitled “#Sacred Rest, – How you can keep your energy, happiness, creativity, and relationships fresh and thriving in the midst of never ending family demands, career pressures, and the stress of everyday life. ——————————————————— Social Media Attachment for all publications “YOU CANT GO

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