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169 Yak Summer Series – Gordon Stein and the Cash Flow Cookbook

Its not often that I find a book that is both helpful and fun. Gordon Stein has put together recipes to manage your finances and save you a great deal of money. Got to read this to believe it. Don’t forget the utensils and ingrediants. Its what makes it special.

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168 Introducing “Yak’s Summer Info Series” and the summers “Yak About Tech” Show

We kick off the summer with an all new “Yak About Tech” show. Answer some questions. Found a DIY solution for older cars in need of a stereo upgrade. Explain what wifi calling is. Talk about the new One + 6 phone and we introduce the new “Yak’s Summer Info Series”.

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167 Blue Marble, Apple Week, A Divided Country

 Blue Marble, Apple Week, A Divided Country Yeah, yeah, of course we do a shoutout to the greatest digital company ever conceived by an evil genius. That be you guys and you know whom i’m talking about. Did an apple week basic summary. Yeah, talked a little bit of poltics

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166 Creating Community with Facebook, Some Interesting Questions from Listeners – Politics?

166 Creating Community with Facebook, Some Interesting Questions from Listeners – Politics? Join our community. Follow and Like Yak About Today on Facebook. Instead of pushing out to you. Why not push back. Use the facebook page to tell us all your deepest darkest secrets.  Well maybe not. But share

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128 My young porn story, Cheers to Local Radio and a Wall Street Journal tory that pissed me off

128 My young porn story, (How I bought my first porn magazines. I waned to do a shoutout to Local Radio and why it will save broadcast radio and a Wall Street Journal tory that pissed me off

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127 or 167 I’ve Been Thinking About Mother’s Day and Introducing Podbean – Listen to

Not sure why this past mother’s day caught me by surprise. Bill’s mom and my mom are long gone now. We celebrated with one of our close friends Miriam. Bill is Miriam’s personal chef. We decided to go to one of the more exclusive clubs in Florida (not Miramar ugh!). From the environment to the peeps at the table, it was nothing but fascinating. So I go on a long form stream of consciousness rant about it. Easier to turn off here than it is if you are listening to the radio broadcast.

Also, we have finally pulled Yak About Today out of this site and moved it to #podbean as its new hosting platform. It is one of global greats, handling many of the great ones.  We also make it easy to find. Just type See below our showpage graphic.

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Episode 162 – Yak talks Facebook, Excersize, “Contempt” and More

David Yak’s explains Facebook and Cambridge Analytica to the non-techies. We talk Plastics and for god sakes excersize and “CONTEMPT”

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Episode 161 “Yak About Today” I’ve Been Thinking About Retirement, This Week In History, And Alexa what are you Listening to?

Episode 161 Yak About Today with David Yakir – “I’ve Been Thinking” Retirement, This Week in History, Martin Luther King Jr. and Hey Alexa what are you listening to.

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Episode 160 Yak About Today gives some ADVICE on Everything and Do you know AARP

You don’t know AARP. The greatest database out there for the wiser and more mature of us. Also, I need some advice. If you need some advice – listen here as the experts have some advice.

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