Joined by co-host Lisa Rymer, and the great musician Sam Milner, we visit with Carl once again.

Carl “Fizz” Fismer, a diving professional who resides in Key Largo, Florida, has over 30 years of treasure search and salvage experience. Most people just read or dream about sunken treasures, but Captain Carl Fismer lives the dream! (If anyone is interested in being part of such a dream go to links below.)

Fizz specializes in shipwrecks, especially Spanish shipwrecks. He has worked on over 300 shipwrecks in the United States, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Central and South America and the Indian Ocean.

One of Fismer’s diving experiences was with Sir Arthur C. Clarke in Sri Lanka (1992).

According to Wikipedia, Sir Arthur Charles Clarke, who died at 90 in 2008, was a British science fiction author, inventor, and futurist. He was also famous for his short stories and novels, among them 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968).

Clarke emigrated to Sri Lanka in 1956. The main reason for the move was to pursue his interest in scuba diving.