Head Above Water (Formerly Restart:Nation)

We have been given to; we have managed; we have mismanaged and have no regrets. And then there was the promise of the retirement, where we were going to continue our exploration. Well, not so fast. This is a series which will hopefully be helpful in continuing the revolution that we began years ago. Head Above Water (formerly Restart: Nation) is A cycle of 15 minute TV shows for 50 plus hipsters, slackers, type A movers, former radicals and anyone else who is still seeking new experience after the money stops coming. We think there is a great divide in the “senior” market between those under age 75 and those over it. 75 plus is the traditional retiree set of grandmas and grandpas.

We are the under 75s. We are bot the war and postwar babies who embody the boomer ethos. There is a great deal of confusion on how to reach us. We don’t take Cialis so we can snuggle next to an appreciative mate on a sailboat. We take it to get laid. We don’t want retirement advice from bankers who fucked us and should all be in jail. We like dirty jokes and fast cars and Uniqlo clothes. We buy our khakis at Banana Republic and out underwear at Victoria’s Secret.

No Golden Parachute
We are not facing golden retirement. We have common problems largely brought about by the 2008 crash, a rigged stock market, zero interest rates, diminished pension payments, ballooning costs like kids weddings, dependents health insurance, and unemployment. In short: nothing is good but (hopefully) our health.


AARP blinders
Few are speaking us about these things. Organizations like AARP stress the great future that awaits, and the many financial and insurance programs they offer to help us get there. Palliatives like the Internet show, “My Generation,” and magazine articles about famous seniors and ocean cruises don’t cut it anymore.

Advertiser Opportunity
There is little understanding of our real needs and advertisers shun the fact that we boomers are still one of the biggest markets for all kinds of consumer goods and services; including our life-long propensity to try new ideas.

What We Buy
We consider ourselves still vital and participatory. Studies show we buy everything everyone else does with the exception of diapers (kids diapers, that is). That means trips to the grocery store, the auto dealer, and the drug store. It means vacations and gifts and iPads and Kindles. We have diminished income but time to shop.

Computer Boomers
Our concentration is on the 55-75 group that grew up computer literate, boomer oriented, and active.


Attention Span
Like all other computer literate generations, we have a short attention span. We want information, we want entertainment, we want it at as rapid a pace as Saturday Night Live which they made a hit in 1975.

Head Above Water is several shows that repeat in a cycle:

Each segment is 15 minutes designed for sponsor messages presented as branded content. The cycle repeats with new content in each segment, and content can also be exported to publications or mailers. The segments are:

The Grateful Wed: Marriage doesn’t get an easier but it changes focus from lust to bust as people face the fact that they like life together, there probably is not a hot affair ahead, and there must be reasons they’ve stuck it out this long.

Ten Buck Travel: we all want to travel but where is the money? Airlines are becoming transportation for the rich. Maybe part of the solution is remembering how we used to travel. Senior hitchhiking? Biking? Couch surfing? Or maybe renting a motor or learning the knack of Priceline bidding.

We need to work, but no one wants us. The only solution is to look at our assets. We’ve gained immense knowledge and skill in our forty years of working—how can we channel this in new directions to redefine ourselves and find work? Creating new opportunities based on self-change is the hardest part, but the only path to a solution.


Meet at the Movies
We still love movies, even though Hollywood has abandoned us. They make Myrl Streep movies for us even though we find her sexless. Tommy Lee Jones is supposed to be sexy but only if he can walk without a back brace. But we still love the movies, so why not meet or date at the movies? We’ve designed and built a matching system to fix people up for movie dates at their local theaters. And on the show we’ll follow the dates and advertise the movies.

Teddie Talkie
No, this is not pillow talk. This is our very own chat show with interesting people where anyone with a web cam can be on the air asking questions or making comments. It’s model after the TED lectures but we can’t intrude on their name so we call ours “Teddie” and we’ll use a brand new app called Spreecast to put our viewers (up to three at once plus the guest) in the picture. The guests won’t be the usual. We promise only original thinkers.

There is no limit to the variety of segments and the subjects. We promise only this: everything on Head Above Water is targeted for the over 55s who haven’t really grown up yet and probably never will. That’s the real definition of our boomer generations, and that’s the secret of connecting with us.

produced by: StoryPoint
created by: Robert Lovenheim
with &Yakir



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