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David Yakir Radio Host

Sponsorship opportunities for Yak about for baby boomers

The sponsorship for Thought Leadership” program is designed for people and companies that want to become the informed opinion leaders and the go-to people in their field of expertise. The goal of the program is that you become the trusted source who moves and inspires people with innovative ideas; who know how to turn ideas into reality, and know and show how to replicate their success. By becoming a sponsor of “Yak About” you will create a dedicated group of boomer clients, customers, friends, fans and followers which will help you build your base of customers and give back to the community which supports you.

What “Boomers Yak About”
Indian River County – Vero Beach – Ft. Pierce
Sponsorship and Social Marketing & Thought Leadership
WAXE 107.9FM . WZTA 1370AM . Real Radio 101.7

The “Yak About” broadcasts deliver on air and online conversations, interviews and stories engaging the Baby Boomer Generation and beyond with discussions, tips and information. Hosted by an authentic conversationalist, intuitive listener and a boomer himself, David Yakir brings a genuine, down to earth and disarming personality that talks with his audience and his guests with out talking at them. David shares Engagement, Education, Enjoyment & Empowerment on air and online for the Baby Boomer Generation delivered with humor, wit and thought. Boomers Yak About: brings stories, interviews, ideas, and common-sense conversations to spark the interest of the generation that has learned they are not old anymore. Over the next 6 months Boomers Yak About will grow from 1 hour to nearly 10 hours a week.

Content and Conversations Built For Engagement, Marketing and Conversions.

Much of our content comes from our partner sponsors and advertisers. We work with our partners;
to create the best content…
on the strongest foundation…
with a diversity in the media delivery formats…
applying the most branded optimization…
while shared across the most popular platforms…

The David Yakir Group (DYG) is part of the Local Economy Movement. A movement that; Thinks local, Buys local and supports your local community with Community investment.

Why is What Boomers “Yak About” Different?

Boomers Yak About;

is the first locally produced radio broadcast with a comprehensive built in social media plan (Platform Communications).
is the only locally produced show picked up by I Heart Media for their exclusive podcast series with 80 million subscribers
is the only local radio show optimized for the inter-webs
is the one program that gives you local, national and international reach depending on your needs
is the one broadcast that is designed to optimize its sponsors and advertisers content for conversions
has Native Content designed for sponsors
is broadcast for both audio and video
is the first broadcast to be carried on all the major podcast platforms i.e., iTunes, Spreaker, Tunein, etc.
will release sponsored iOS and Android apps in April 2016 for sponsored clientele.
Is the one broadcast designed to make you and your brand into “Thought Leaders”