mqdefaultIt is not often that the media takes it listeners and now viewers on the journey of reinvention with them. We’ve been doing that now for about three weeks. We’ve reduced the hour show to 1/2 hour while the studio undergoes its summer long renovation into a modern day video studio. We’ve had our ups and downs with producing the show. Adding the video equipment and the corresponding tech and still meeting I Heart Radio standards has been more challenging than we thought it would be. Wayne, our engineer is now spending nearly 20 hours a day in the padded room – (not prison or a place for mental disability, but the studio). Not withstanding our bandwidth issues, we did manage to get a video out, albeit with only 400×270 resolution. The sound quality, always perfection, should soon be matched by the video. When all is done, we will stream live and in high def through, Youtube and for those watching a more traditional form of media, it will be syndicated.

I can’t wait for the new season to start in the fall. We will have totally reinvented “Yak About Tech”. Which now brings me to the introduction of Mike Wieger. My plan was to wait for the fall to introduce a new partner for the show, but really couldn’t wait that long. Mike is one of the great multi-skilled people, a great tech guy, an engaging Vlogger who manages to fit law school in at the same time. As with the rest of the show, we are just learning how our interaction will work. But for a first time, I couldn’t be happier. He’s going to be a great addition and hopefully play a big role in the new “Yak About Tech”.