3a76035Today’s guest are Michael Semer and John Mallen. ┬áMichael is a proven “go-to guy,” in the words of one happy client; a marketing communications strategist, creative director, copywriter and innovations adopter driving programs in all areas of integrated marketing — agency management, experiential/guerrilla/field marketing, online/mobile/social media/content marketing, SEO, site design/architecture, sales promotion, retail & shopper marketing/merchandising, public relations, direct mail and advertising.

john MallenJohn Mallen is founder and CEO of JMCPR, an integrated marketing communications company.JMC is a real-world partner, using research, understanding and analysis to develop a strategic path for deploying communication. We’re distinguished by our ability to work in the “real world,” where too few resources have to be allocated judiciously among too many tasks. We help manage resources, identify needs, prioritize and get results in the business world, where creating products and services, managing your workforce, innovating, selling, driving growth and solving problems all compete for the same time and money.


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