This week we continue our discussion with Kimball Stadler from Top Dog Performance on Social Media. i realize we are still following the hour format with a half hour show, which doesn’t leave enough time for the intelligence of the guest to make an appearance. I’ll have to rectify the format until we go back to an hour in the fall.

Why i’d listen to the podcast instead of watching the video this week! We’ve been playing out our transition from radio to video. The thinking is that we’d do this with our audience in tow – showing you how vulnerable we are to both tech and ego. You will see that we’ve upped the video quality level to just under HD. With that comes some unexpected challenges.

Let me take you back to the good old days of radio. Here we are broadcasting from the I Heart Media studio’s on the treasure coast. It wasn’t out of the question that one could head down to the beach during a break from the Centre before heading to the studio to record. Surf-board in hand, sand covered feet, wet bathing suit – throw a towel over the chair, put headphones on, sound check and do the show.

Now, 2 months into our transition to video. Jump into the shower, look for reasonable clothes (not business, not too casual) head to the studio and its a go. Except now we’ve moved into the realm of higher definition video. As you might ask after seeing the video, “who threw a vat of grease on david’s face”. Damn, now we are into the make-up phase. Kimball comes in fully prepared as it is not unusual for a woman to be wearing make-up when she leaves the house. She looked great. All of this in an effort to expand the show’s syndication on all platforms. So, I posted the video, but next week i’ll arrive a half hour earlier for hair and make-up.

Next week we will have a more formal discussion on the Centre.