The Last “Yak About” Interview with Harlan Kleiman 1940-2016 RIP

Harlan Kleiman and the David Yakir Group

This past week a great friend and frequent guest of the show, Harlan Kleiman passed away. / When he was first diagnosed with prostate cancer, he came to me and said that he’d like to create a series entitled Harlan on Health / in which he would share health information as a healthcare advocate and also document his condition from diagnosis to cure.

Unfortunately the cure didn’t come / as it turns out he had a very aggressive cancer that managed to stay ahead of the best doctors.

Harlan spent the bulk of his life in both entertainment and finance. A few years ago he made his first foray into the world of healthcare. He said It makes his previous lives look easy. He said / Understanding it, managing it, and staying current on the latest advances, and reverses, is complicated. Yet, to not be in control leaves one vulnerable, and as we age that vulnerability increases.

He was going to start our series by sharing what he learned. As he gathered information about the disease / he wanted to share it with you … He said we will learn together. He had hoped to provide enough information and insight for those who haven’t got the time to find out for themselves.

Harlan was a big and grand man. I first met harlan when he married my life long friend Sandy. The two remained my closest friends and supporters for the last 30 years.

Most people will remember him either for his role in developing the Long Wharf theatre in New Haven, playing a leading role in the start of MTV or inventing something called Pipes as an investment vehicle, but I remember him most fondly from the countless dinner parties where he held court. populated by the well known, the influencers, the captains and celebrities of finance and theatre.

Those dinner parties were classic where each person was given multiple glasses for wines he was preparing to serve. And whereas most people pair the wine with the food. He and Sandy paired them with his fantistical stories.

As busy as he was, he always found time to call his friends, sometimes just to see how things were and to chat a bit about life. And he was never too busy to take your call and give you the time.

We only managed to do the first two episodes of Harlan on Health and I will miss him a great deal,

Here is the last recording of the Yak about Interview with Harlan Kleiman entitled preparing for the doctors visit.