yakirgroupwebThe Yakir Group has evolved over the last 9 years,from a marketing and development company to the new, present day entrepreneurial consulting group. For most of its life we were champions of change. CHANGE IS GOOD, CHANGE IS GREAT, CHANGE SUCKS!. And yet, all the while as The Yakir Group addressed rapid changes in communications and marketing, change happened to The Yakir Group business itself.

The Yakir Group is the entrepreneur’s partner. TYG is a new category of business in the marketing and communications world. We are not only a fee-for-service model with a collaborative value proposition. Now, in exchange for investment or other incentives, The Yakir Group works with partners, providing integrated strategies and custom supports required to achieve in today’s environment.

In this environment, where digital and other communications tools are driving unprecedented change affecting society, culture, economics and business, the changes are so rapid and interconnected that the old agency model no longer serves. Companies need a continuously engaged partner that has the pulse of these profound changes. Such is “The Yakir Group”.


The Yakir Group responded to emerging needs, increasingly taking the role of partner and helping in significant ways to:

Develop business strategies

Align digital capabilities with business goals

Develop sponsorship models

Support startups with integration of marketing, communications and digital technologiesdigbizscreenshot