Yak About doesn’t want to do year end reruns – So Yak and Wayne shoot the shit for an hour

Yak About, the GPS guide to Baby Boomers. Pretty much everyone wants to take the last two weeks of the year off. I Heart and the studio peeps think its a great time to do the best of the year reruns.  Had a couple of good ones picked out. Then I found some time and I stopped by the studio. Wayne and I were talking tech, cars, life etc. 

Wayne say’s, lets turn on the mic’s and see where it goes.  We ended up chatting and before I knew it we had recorded two weeks worth of material.

It probably was one of the last times we can just shoot the shit. With the IOS and Android Yak About apps coming out in the next week and I Heart and 20 other podcasting systems agreeing to carry the show, we are going to have to get serious.

2017 should be an interesting year. It will be the first time that we record the terrestrial broadcast and additional online podcast material. I’ve been waiting to say a few of the four letter words which are pretty much banned from the AM and FM bands, but not on the podcasts.

And with the apps you’ll be able to get the censored and the uncensored material. I’m hoping that we bring a lot more fun and value to our mission of being the best 4664 boomer market broadcast out there.