Yak About Health with Harlan Kleiman Part One & Yak About Tech August 22, 2016

I’m posting the entire broadcast this week. Beginning next week I’m going to start posting stand alone segments that will be shorter and quicker to listen to. ¬†They will also be a mixture of video and audio as we begin to incorporate more video into the broadcast.

This week we begin the first of our series entitled Harlan On Health with Harlan Kleiman. You will remember Harlan, the serial entrepreneur from the Theatre, Television and Investment communities who now has become an avid patient advocate

Harlan Kleiman and the David Yakir Group

Harlan Kleiman Serial Entrepreneur and now patient advocate

Beginning next week we begin a new series “#Curating Trump” – Just wait, you’ve not heard us Yak About until you’ve heard us #Yak About Trump!