Yak About Inspired Foods 4 U with Bill McDevitt and Bill Brown

Inspired Foods 4UI thought Id try something new this week. I edited down the show to the discussion of the new service being introduced in the fall called Inspired Foods 4U. The idea behind 4U was that the wiser and mature of us aren’t eating as healthy as we should.

They aren’t getting the nutrition needed. And some of the services that provide meal deliveries may have the nutrients, but lack the taste sensation of homemade cooking.

The Bill’s talked to many of the wiser and more mature of us and they kept hearing great stories of how good and natural foods came from a trusted grocer or butcher. Today, their are so many additives that you don’t know what’s in the food.

They also found a fondness for traditional meals such as meatloaf and chicken pot pie and created a menu that catered to the dreams and wants of their customers. They truly believe that they want to do this for each and every one of their clients and they want them to know that this is JUST FOR YOU!

Inspired Foods 4U

Inspired Foods 4U