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The last of our hiatus programs as I call them. This week we experimented with Livestream. Interesting! Seems that we got many people checking us out to see what we were up to. This week we will sit down and prepare the process and methodology that we intend to follow moving forward. After video recording the show for two weeks and live streaming.  My guess is that live streaming won’t be initially as important as taking the video and adding video specific how to’s and releasing a show designed more for video.

There was something else that came out of these experiments. Previously, I had prepared the news of the week and studied up on the guests that I was to interview. These last few weeks taught me a great deal about conversation and more importantly how to lead the conversation to make it most beneficial to the audience.  It’s something I’ve been doing in my marketing practice, but not really as a host of a show.  Well. Just a thought.