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Well, we did our first remote broadcast from Beautiful Tiburon California on the San Francisco Bay. The idea was to hit the tri-fector first time out. The plan – to broadcast over the I Heart Radio network to our traditional broadcast area with Sally and Wayne Dillon helming the controls at WAXE 107.9/FM 1370AM in Vero Beach, Florida. Additionally, we were recording the video feeds of our interviews with Sandy and Harlan Kleiman over skype for our new “Yak About Tech” Youtube channel which I would handle in San Francisco. And of course (wait for it) we would broadcast live over Twitter’s Periscope network.

It was a rather daunting undertaking and probably the first time all three were attempted simultaneously.  So, how did it go?

I travelled with the following equipment. My 2014 Macbook Air, The iPhone 6 Plus, The Blue Yeti Microphone (heavy) and my Bose Quiet comfort Headphones.  The software on the Mac was Skype with Call Recorder, Screenflow and on the iPhone “Periscope.”


As you might suspect, Sally and Wayne handled the show flawlessly in Florida. On my side, I had mixed results. I’m not sure what I was thinking, but the idea of conducting an interview while manning the controls of both Call Recorder and Screenflow while making sure I was in view of the iPhone camera for the Periscope broadcast was quite the balancing act.


Periscope certainly works as it should. Open the app, hit the record button and you are on the network. Keeping my face in view while conducting an interview was certainly distracting if not entertaining. I shut down Periscope about 15 minutes in. I need to rethink the execution of it, but it’s important that I make this work in the future as it is a means to reach people live outside of the broadcast network allowing them to interact with the show instead of just listening/watching later.



Call recorder is a piece of software that installs and extends Skype’s capability by recording the video/audio of the Skype conversations and giving you an mp4 file to work with in editing.  Screenflow has the capability of recording your screen, your webcam, recording your mic and recording the audio from your device (notebook). It is also a very capable editing program. (It can also record your IOS device connected to your mac).

Call Recorder worked flawlessly, but in all the confusion, I screwed up the settings in Screenflow and forgot to change the local audio to record from my Blue Yeti mic. This will force me to use the audio from Call Recorder and match it up with the video in Screenflow during editing, which will be a time consuming process.


It didn’t need to happen.  I always recommend to my audience friends to do the CHECK LIST. I didn’t, and will pay for it with some late night editing.


The major take-away is that the Blue Yeti mic with a solid internet connection for Skype made it possible to do a remote broadcast with studio sound-quality. This opens up a great deal of opportunity and will have a great impact on the future “Yak About” series.


HarlanKleiman240x215My dedicated audience friends know Harlan and Sandy Kleiman well from previous interviews. A power couple; Harlan, is a serial entrepreneur with astonishing success in investment banking, creating and financing new endeavors and is now putting his considerable strength behind the healthcare tech industry.

Sandy, a favorite of the “Yak About Tech” audience is well know as the founder of “Healthy Culinary Coach”. She is almost single handedly teaching people that truly healthy food can be as good and better tasting than – well you know – the stuff we are currently stuffing down our throats.052

Our audience and distribution channels are growing. Can’t wait till next time. Remember, we are everywhere you are. Check us out on iTunes, Tunein and of course all your favorite Social channels.

Enjoy the show folks.



Twitter: @yakabouttech



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