The other day I posted a video excerpt of this show. We have been experimenting with turning the radio/podcast broadcast experience to video. As is the usual process, we have been recording the video of the show (thanks Howard Stern) to see where we can take this. We will be developing the video broadcast in small steps. ¬†While we do an hour show for I Heart Radio and WAXE, we will do better by recording segments of 5 minutes or less for the “Yak About” Channel.

Yes, you read that right. As “Yak About Tech” grew up, we found that although TECH was the foundation of our discussions, the topics ranged from business services to healthy eating. We did shows on photography, business consulting, tech based exercise platforms etc.

As we began to design our Youtube channel, it had been suggested that we rename the channel “THE YAK ABOUT” channel. Giving us the leeway to “yak” about many subjects. Also, it gives us the ability to bring in new hosts with expertise in various fields. We will roll out the channel gradually over the next 6 months. And I certainly trust and appreciate that with your help and feedback, we’ll deliver an interesting and diverse set of “CONVERSATIONS”.

Which brings me back to this weeks show. We have John Mallen, founder and CEO of JMCPR on once again discussing the rollout of “CONVERSATIONS” for individuals, executives and small businesses.

Thanks David


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