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Today’s show includes a “How I got started in Youtube by Andy Slye of Channel Empire and a first look at the Samsung Galaxy S6 by Marques Brownlee. Chatting with John Mallen, founder and CEO of JMCPR. Review of the best Yoga sites. And of course the “WANKBAND”



Interested in yoga but don’t want to pay for an expensive class or be seen flopping around on your mat like a fish out of water?

YouTube has tons of yoga channels that are great for yoga enthusiasts who prefer to salute the sun from their own backyards.
Of course, not all yoga channels are created equal, nor are they right for every person. Many may lack the proper instruction and expert leadership needed to make them particularly helpful to you. However, there are some truly standout yoga YouTube channels you should look into, nine of which are listed below.
1. Strala at Home
This channel is led by Tara Stiles, who introduces viewers — along with guest instructors — to yoga moves that range from basic to challenging.
Strala is dedicated to making yoga a fun experience for all people who want to get the physical and mental benefits of this ancient fitness method.
The best thing about Strala? The examples are easy to follow, so it isn’t hard to understand what’s occurring or to start to emulate what you see.
While you will need to pay to download Strala’s complete yoga workouts (about $15 a video), you can preview the different workouts on the YouTube channel to decide which ones are right for you, before you pay for them.
2. Yoga Journal
This YouTube channel is an extension of the magazine and website of the same name. It’s especially popular with beginning yoga devotees because of the simple way the videos instruct viewers.
There’s a nice mix here of instructional videos and down-to-earth interviews that make yoga come alive.
3. PsycheTruth
PsycheTruth has its roots in Swedish massage, but integrates yoga videos as well. These yoga videos often focus on yoga sessions meant to achieve a particular end, whether it be yoga for relaxation, yoga for energy, yoga workouts for your abs or even yoga for menstrual cramps.
An attractive feature of subscribing to this channel is that there’s a new video just about every day. This provides a wealth of variety for viewers who constantly want to up their games.
4. Yoga Online
One of the first aspects of Yoga Online that stands out is that it focuses on the mind-body connection of yoga, not just the purely physical benefits of this type of fitness regimen.
Yoga Online has a mix of female and male instructors, which offers a different perspective for viewers who may be accustomed to seeing mostly female YouTube yogis.
5. Yoga with Adriene
Adriene, the host of this YouTube channel, presents herself and her art with a down-to-earth easiness that will make even newbies relaxed from the start.
Her 30 days of yoga series is a terrific place to begin learning about yoga, as well as practicing simple-to-moderate moves.
6. Interval Yoga
Strength is a key focus of Interval Yoga and inspiration is around every corner. A new video is posted approximately once per week, and are meant to get viewers as buff as possible.
This channel may be better suited for yoga aficionados comfortable with the basics and seeking more challenging moves.
7. Fightmaster Yoga
Variety is the spice of life, as well as the proper seasoning for viewers who want their personal yoga routines to reflect their days.
If a day is particularly hard, a tough yoga workout with tons of activity may be beneficial. If a day has been stressful, calming yoga poses may be a nicer fit. This channel can provide any yoga routine for any mood.
8. Cosmic Kids Yoga
Moms and dads who want to do their yoga exercises but have younger kids to entertain will appreciate Cosmic Kids Yoga.
The moves are geared toward the younger set and feature brightly colored backgrounds and easy-to-follow instructions, but parents can join in on the fun and get a workout, too. It’s family time at its healthiest!
9. Yoga House
Yoga House is less about the cosmic link between yoga and the surrounding life forces and more about pure movement and poses.
For those looking for a variety of moves from different types of yoga, such as bikram, power and ashantanga yoga, Yoga House is an ideal channel to bookmark.
As you become more attuned to your own yoga leanings, you may want to start a YouTube channel yourself! In the meantime, seek out soem experts and embrace the adventure. Namaste.



A new app called oneminute has as a unique spin on sharing images and experiences with the world.
Every day oneminute gives you a single opportunity via push notification to take a photo, but you’ve got to take the shot within sixty seconds of being prompted. You won’t know when that minute is coming, and if you miss it, you won’t get another chance until tomorrow.

After the minute has passed, the photos taken during that time are combined into a glimpse of what that day looked like in that moment.

There’s something amazing about seeing a single sixty seconds boiled down to a bunch of spontaneous, anonymous photos spontaneously taken around the world.

Other than that, oneminute doesn’t actually do much else. You can like photos and browse through previous minutes and that’s about it… until the next minute rolls around tomorrow.

You simply get a fleeting view into the world around you and a brief opportunity to share your experience.
Alex Kwon, co-creator of the app formerly worked at Samsung on the concept creation team and came up with the idea when staring blankly into his monitor, wondering what was happening around the world at that very moment.
He was bothered that there was “simply no way to know instantly know the visual status of the world at a glance.”
He says that the entire app is built to enhance spontaneity. By forcing you to react to an unexpected notification, you get a more candid view of the world.
I love the sheer simplicity and candid nature of oneminute; it’s a welcome departure from the perfect world of Instagram for a brief moment each day.

PornHub thinks it has a sexier solution for the age old problem of a gadget running out of juice prematurely, and the secret is in the (hairy) palm of your hand. Say hello to the Wankband: a wearable that straps on to your forearm, capturing the energy from a spot of self-love and using it to charge basically anything via USB. You see, inside the band resides a weighted ball that travels up and down in a tube with a flick of the wrist, and from there the kinetic energy’s stored until your gizmo — or sex toy — of choice needs a charge.
Then, once both you and the wearable have had your fill, simply plug a USB cable into the side of the device and charge away. Want in on the action? You can sign up to be a beta-tester on the skin-flick purveyor’s (safe for work) website right now. America’s first digital brothel might be out of business, but we’re sure you can find plenty of other “charging” motivations to suffice




At my core, I’ve always been a gadget geek. Gadgets are distractions, enhancements, delights: They give you something to occupy your time with, a way to learn someting new, or a building block to make your life better. As a kid, I’d carry around any gadget I could get my hands on — garage door openers, Tamagotchis, compasses, binoculars — as an adult, I’ve largely replaced that compulsion with an iPhone.
But the iPhone 6 is a solitary gadget: When you’re interacting with it, your gaze is averted from the room’s events. You become immersed in that 4.7-inch screen. It’s like a good book — while immersion can be wonderful and introduce you to new worlds and ideas, it’s not the best when hanging out with other people or trying to multitask in the car, for instance.
I want a gadget with the power of an iPhone but the presence of a much smaller, less obtrusive gadget. And I’m hoping that gadget will be the Apple Watch.



Regardless of what mobile operating system you favor, chances are that you are using quite a few popular Google services, including Search, Gmail, Maps and YouTube, to name just a few. And if you’re a parent then you should definitely be interested in the latest service the company launched, a new app that’s available for both iPhone and Android in the U.S. right now.
FROM EARLIER: Google’s latest mobile search change brings some key interface changes
Called YouTube Kids, the free app is supposed to offer a safer environment to children who’re old enough to look for online videos. In case you have kids of your own or you’re frequently around people who do, then you should definitely install it for those moments when kids take over your smartphone or tablet.
The app has a “bright and playful design” that should appeal to children, and features content that’s better suited for the family by leaving out topics that might otherwise be inappropriate for kids.
Additionally, there are various parental controls available, including a timer, sound and search settings, and the option of providing feedback for the product.

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