The “Yak About Today” broadcasts deliver on-air conversations, interviews and stories engaging the Baby Boomer Generation and beyond with discussions, tips and information. Hosted by authentic conversationalist, intuitive listener and boomer himself, David brings a genuine, down to earth and disarming personality that engages with his audience and his guests without talking at them. Conversations with rich engagement, education, enjoyment & empowerment are delivered with humor, wit and thought. This is the opportunity to connect with people in a generation that is unlike any other.

We are Growing Not Aging!

Four years ago in Vero Beach, Florida, we began broadcasting a local radio show entitled “Yak About Tech.” on WAXE 107.9FM, WZTA1370AM and Real Radio 101.7. Our goal was a simple one – To teach and help the wiser and more mature generation realize that technology was their friend and not the enemy. It also served the dual purpose of supporting the David Yakir Group. As a strategic marketing business with a focus on the “boomers” or the 4664’s as we like to call them, it is DYG’s job to understand all that we can about our audience.

As the show became more popular and more diverse in its topics, we rebranded the show to reflect the audiences desire to understand more than tech. And so “Yak About Today” was born. Health, psychology, sex and of course technology are the basis of our conversations. 

Beginning June 2018, “Yak About Today” will begin its new life, housed on one of the most respected Podcasting systems out there (Podbean), where we will have more content, more co-hosts, twice weekly shows and most importantly we will be able to interact with you in a way we couldn’t before. 

Anyway, this is my way of asking you to sign-up below to get the latest and greatest info on what we will be doing and when we will be doing it. And remember, we are a great resource for tips on tech, saving money and all the things you wish you could talk to the friends and family about, but can’t. Don’t forget you can get me at or tweet me @yakabouttoday. That way you can tell me what we should “Yak About Today” xoxox peace “david.”

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