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Hey everyone. We’re still experimenting with video. Posted a temporary low res version of our broadcast. We are experimenting with Lifestream this week which only allowed for a standard definition feed . I’m in the process of editing in the Skype recording of the conversation which is in an HD format.

But anyway, we had Douglas Bove as our guest. He recently published a paper on Solar Energy which discusses the technology and its¬†economic implications to society. He’s bringing to our attention an interesting point of view. He believes we are coming to the point where we will have to stop the personal subsidy and tax savings on solar for the individual and develop a policy for subsidizing the energy distributers who will be hurt if we all move to solar, battery or other renewables which will take us off the grid. ¬†Hoping to get him back on next week to continue the discussion.

As always you watch or listen to the radio broadcast.